Is Christian Benteke the best choice for Liverpool!

Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke

If talking about problems of Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers. Last season can’t deny that Liverpool has dropped their performance which striker can’t respond the team. Obviously, for all the time in this season transfer market player, Brendan Rodgers from Liverpool rumored to interested in Christian Benteke.

For Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool’s coach rumored that interested in Christian Benteke. This topic will talking about is Christian Benteke really a good choice to support new forward for Liverpool? Personally, Liverpool should better find other one instead.

The reason is because of Christian Benteke style is not going well with Brendan Rodgers from Liverpool. Even though, he’s a good striker and can end the score but his style is not suit with the team. In fact, performance of Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert is still good. So, If Liverpool really interested in Christian Benteke, they should find other who has playing style that suit with team so, they don’t waste the money like on last season.

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